4th Mo Co Battalion Muster March 20th & 21st, 2010

It was decided that we would no longer have a centralized cook. Everyone is on their own for rations and cooking.

The Good:

1.       Friday‚Äôs weather was perfect.

2.       Great to see friends.

3.       We had a decent turn out even with bad weather.

The Bad:

1.       It started getting cold Friday evening when I went out for a jog.

The Ugly:

1.       According to some, me conducting drills shirtless in cold weather.

2.       The weather Saturday.


Soldiers in attendence:

1.      Major Sam Looney

2.      Captain Daniel Keith

3.      1st Sergeant Laurence Bryan

4.      2nd Sergeant Charles Gentry

5.      2nd Corporal Ryan Truster

6.      Private Chris Benham

7.      Private DJ Bente

8.      Private Jacob Delker

9.      Private John Duff

10.  Private Travis Franklin

11.  Private Greg Gentry

12.  Private David Hunt

13.  Private Clayton Kelly

14.  Private Jim Moran

15.  Private Dalton Wright

Dear Colonel Amend:

My Compliments!

On Friday, March 19th of this year, I and 1st Lt Jim Bearden arrived at the Nathan Boone Homestead to set up camp and lay out the streets for the other companies. Major Sam Looney and Corporal Travis Franklin add arrived shortly before I did. It was a beautiful Friday for March all of the men upon arrival quickly removed their coats to set up their camps.

Throughout the evening men arrived in good spirits.

On Saturday, March 20th we woke up to a much cooler morning. The wind had picked up from the North where those infernal Yankees reside. After morning breakfast was served a continual cold rain persisted. During a respite in the weather I took the men of the 4th Missouri out for drilling. To show the men that the coolness of the air was an instance of mind over matter conducted the men in drill with a shirt. Some of men became inspired and did not complain again about the cold.

The rain persisted the entire morning and around noon it turned to snow. You, my Colonel, gave the order to break camp and head for home so that no one would get stranded in the foul weather.

Your obedient servant,



Captain Daniel Keith

4th Missouri, Company E

Email from Dave Roggensees, Curator for Nathan Boone Homestead.


When you get a chance can you give me a call to go over the past program and to discuss how to approach a 2011 program.  The March program should have been a great success, but for the weather.  I really appreciate the battalion's turnout and willingness to press forward so long in spite of the terrible weather.  Please pass on my thanks to the command. 


Dave Roggensees, NRMI

Nathan Boone Homestead SHS

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