4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Battalion Muster April 2005


Well, The muster turned out great. On Saturday we had 15 show up. Thanks to the veterans for your help & thank you to the new guys - Josh, Mike, Robert, Tater & Nathan. These new fellers all did first rate and are coming on fast. Harold is now 1st Sgt, Daniel 2nd Sgt, Richard Cpl, Todd Cpl and Doc Cpl as needed. Even with new NCO's, rookies, 4 soldiers from the 3rd Dismounted & one from the 3rd, THE 4TH MISSOURI WON FIRST PLACE IN THE WHEELING CONTEST!!!! I was really proud, not only about winning, but I was proud how hard you all tried. As a matter of fact everyone worked hard all weekend, never complaining and everyone was very focused. Stacking arms is now a piece of cake. We also did very well with the other movements.  Other BIG NEWS at the muster - Col. Moody retired and by a unanimous vote of the Battalion Captains, Brad Amend is now our illustrious leader. Brad will do very well for us and we need to get behind him and try our very best to honor the men of the original Missouri Units and honor ourselves. Now on to Kansas. Olathe is Apr 16 & 17. It is at Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm Historic Site.  They will pay $100 for units with a minimum of 10 rifles. Need every man that can. I will send directions in another email.

Capt Sam 


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