4th Mo Co E, CSA/MSG Ash Grove, MO Mar 21, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen:


By all accounts our spring muster was an outstanding success. The hard work put forth by all was both admired and appreciated.


The Good:

1.  The Park employees and the Friends of the Nathan Boone Homestead where more than friendly.

2.  The drill and how quickly everyone adjusted.

3.  The great attitudes of everyone.

4.  We had several ladies join us and it was nice to see them.


Then Bad:

1.  We had a wee bit of rain. 


The Ugly:

1.  My Hat. I think I need to reform it.


If you want to see your captain and a few others on TV.







Major Looney:


My compliments!


I am writing to inform you that we had a successful muster and recruitment at the Nathan Boone homestead. We had elements of the 1st Dismounted Mo, 3rd Mo, 5th Mo, 10th Mo in attendance with the 4th. Three new recruits were add to our role. This helps make up the loss of three last year.


Revelry was at 700 hours. After a hearty breakfast, we marched down to the house and went over safety. 1st Lt Scott George did a fine job.


Through out the day we practiced the manual of arms, stacking of arms, basic marching, some advance marching and skirmish drill. Since we had several members from different companies I was constantly switching out officers and 1st Sergeants to give each a chance to work their positions.


Despite rain and cold we worked hard and everyone was in good spirits.


We look forward to assembling with the entire battalion at Shoal Creek.


Those in attendance:

Captain Daniel Keith

Captain Bill Wayne 5th Mo


1st Lieutenant Scott George

1st Lieutenant Jim Bearden 1st Dis Mo

1st Lieutenant Christian Shuster 3rd

1st Sergeant Shawn Horan 5th Mo

1st Sergeant Jim Moran

1st Sergeant Dwayne Goodwin 10th Mo

Color Sergeant Paul Dittmeyer 3rd Mo


2nd Sergeant Charles Gentry

1st Corporal Chris Warwick


2nd Corporal Laurence Bryan

Private Travis Archie 10th Mo

Private Kellyn Bailey 10th Mo

Private Butler Polk Co Rangers


Private DJ Bente


Private Alex


Private John Clark


Private Jacob Delker


Private John Duff


Private Travis Holtmeyer 5th Mo


Private David Hunt


Private Robert Martineau


Private Gary Morris Polk Co Rangers


Private Brent Paschell Polk Co Range


Private Jim Robinson 5th Mo


Private Ryan Truster





Kim Brueggemann


Debi Cornog


Michelle Hilderbrand


Elizabeth Martineau



Surgeon Tim Fields




Your obedient servant,


Captain Daniel Keith

4th Mo Co E


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