Apple Butter Makin' Days, Mt Vernon, MO Oct 13th & 14th, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen:


A good time was had by all at Apple Butter Making Days. When Scott told me how many people would be that this event I really never could visualize it until it happened. Huge numbers of people saw us. We have several opportunities for recruiting and that is good. It also gave us some nice drilling time.


The Good:


  1. Mary Blewett allowing Michael to stay the entire day even though it was their anniversary. Kudos, to Mary & Michael.
  2. John Duff coming even though he had to borrow someone else’s automobile to show up.
  3. Hard tack made by Carolyn Carver.
  4. 1st Lt Josh Early – Not sure who enjoyed each others company more him or us.
  5. Peggy Potter giving us some very nice pictures from some of our last events.
  6. Andrew Kasmar & Jim Moran’s banners. The gentlemen did a fine job.
  7. Good meals arranged by Charles and cooked by the men.
  8. Wood brought by Laurence and Joel.
  9. Jim Robinson and Gary Morris falling in with us. Nice guys. They can fall in with us anytime.
  10. Having Mike Gibson there as the camp guard. It’s always good to see Mike. He even sold a few t-shirts for me when we where off having our little battle.
  11. Everyone for showing up. It was a real help to have so many attend. I want to thank you very much.
  12. Drill. We did well.


The Bad:

  1. It was a little scary with everyone so close with our little battle, but it worked out okay. 
  2. Kid named David, didn’t know when to shut up and go home. Let that be a lesson to us fathers. Our role as a father to children is very important. Hopefully, our children won’t have to go looking elsewhere for a father figure.
  3. Firing when some in the crowd said fire and not the captain. My fault because I delayed too long.

 The Ugly:

  1. Sometimes our camp was a little farby. Me included. I need to work on that.
  2. Men not able to stay in step. 1st & 2nd Sgt need to drill the men some more.

Below is a picture of our brevet 1st Lt Josh Early. Thanks to Carol Price for the picture and Sam Looney for equipping him.


Men Attending:

Major Sam Looney

Captain Daniel Keith

1st Lt Josh Early

1st Sgt Jim Moran

2nd Sgt Scott George

1st Cpl Charles Gentry

2nd Cpl Chris Warwick (Fri-Sat)

1st Cpl Jim Bearden (1st Mo Dismounted)

Pvt Michael Blewett (Sat)

Pvt Laurence Bryan

Pvt Greg Gentry (Fri-Sat)

Pvt Mike Gibson (Sat)

Pvt David Hunt

Pvt John Duff (Sat)

Pvt Andrew Kasmar

Pvt Robert Martineau

Pvt Gary Morris (Polk County Rangers) (Fri-Sat)

Pvt Jim Robinson (5th Mo) (Fri-Sat)

Pvt Joel Sappington

Ladies in Attendance:

Carol Price

Cheryl Franklin (Sat)

Becky Keith (Sat)

Rachel Barnett (Sat)

Mary Blewett (Sat)

Two I don’t remember names to. I am sorry.


Next weekend Bentonville/Pea Ridge will be our last event of the year. Please make every effort to attend. It is in our back yard. They don’t get closer than this. It is also a battle where the MSG distinguished themselves.


Your Obedient Servant,



Captain Daniel Keith

4th Mo, Co E, Inf CSA/MSG


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