Apple Butter Makin' Days Mt. Vernon, MO Oct 11th, 2008




I beg to report on our brief action at Apple Butter Makin’ Days in Mt. Vernon, MO.  I apologize for my tardiness. There are reasons; but, no excuse.


The Company began to assemble Friday evening with some stragglers arriving on Saturday morning.  Present were: Captain Keith, 1st Lt. George, 1st Sgt. Moran, 2nd Sgt. Gentry, Privates Duff, Hunt, Delker, Robinson, Sheridan, Clark, Cannoniers Jim Robinson and Gary Morris, Musician Early, and Ms Terri Spencer. The Company set up camp and raised the flag to show who was in command of the town.


The town gave a festival in our honor inviting people form all the surrounding farms and communities.  A parade formed with bands and various displays on wagons.  The 4th felt obliged to march in the parade to the praise and applause by the grateful populace. Many good folks came to our camp to visit with the troops.


A patriotic farmer slipped into camp to warn us of Yankees approaching.  We formed up taking a position to defend the center of town. 


Our scout reported that the Yankee Captain was shouting some nonsense about an Order NO. 11 and demanding that the good people leave town immediately.  We quickly marched onto the field, formed a battle line, and began to attack the enemy. 


During the fight, Josh, our brave Musician, fell mortally wounded. His mother, the beautiful Ms. Terri, rushed to comfort him in his last moments. She implored us to avenge his death. Our soldiers responded by driving the enemy before us.


One cowardly blue belly ran around the courthouse to attack us from the rear. The brave town folk warned of this sneaky attack.  He was promptly dispatched without causing any harm.


The entire enemy, save one who ran away, were killed where they stood.


As the day progressed, our cannoniers fired celebratory salutes to reassure the populace and warn any blue bellies that this town was safe and secure.


The Good:


·                     Being seen by over 20,000 people in the parade

·                     Sharp fight on the courthouse lawn

·                     Spectator comments were positive. Most had never heard of Order No. 11

·                     All the 10-13 year old boys dragging their moms to camp.  “Come on, Mom.” “Over here, Mom.” “This way, Mom”

·                     Some interested recruits. For Infantry and Artillery. We shall see.

·                     Perfect weather.

·                     John Duff’s end around the courthouse. Too bad, he did not make it.

·                     Great breakfast complements of the town

·                     Cannoniers firing in camp. They drew a crowd every time.

·                     Everyone performed admirably


The Bad

·                     Too close quarters for the skirmish. There is just no room.

·                     Lt. George commanding “Front” when we were already there. Repetitively.

·                     No place to rest while waiting for the parade to start

·                     While my convertible won in the car show, it was one thing too many to do for Saturday.


The Ugly

·                     Camp of the 5 moons (streetlights). You could read in tents.


Respectfully Submitted,

1st Lt. Scott George

Co. E, 4th MO Inf.


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