4th Mo Co E, Cassville, MO Oct 29, 2011

Jackson Legislature

Cassville, Missouri

October 29th, 2011

The Good:

  1. The actual legislative body did a good job. The best job was done by Steve Cottrell. He really got into his part and it was a pleasure to call him one of our own.
  2. We had a nice turn out. It was nice some of you changed your plans and attended. I appreciate your participation.
  3. Missouri State Guard joining us. They were a nice group of gentlemen. I really enjoyed them. Their kit as Missouri State Guard was second to none. They looked sharp.
  4. We had nice group of civilians that showed.
  5. Met some nice young men that might be new soldiers.
  6. The camping area was nice and we had plenty of wood & water.
  7. Brent and Gary did well.

The Bad:

  1. Lack of overnight campers was unimpressive. It was a little cold but not terrible.

The Ugly:

  1. My terrible directions to Laurence, John, Ian, and Nick. I felt terrible that they marched all over creation trying to find us.

Soldiers in attendance:

  1. Captain Daniel Keith>
  2. 1st Lieutenant Scott George
  3. 1st Sergeant/Private Laurence Bryan
  4. Private/1st Sergeant John Ezell
  5. Private Diz Carver
  6. Private Kenneth DuBerry
  7. Private Douglas Coburn
  8. Private David Hunt
  9. Private Eric Martineau
  10. Private Robert Martineau
  11. Private Nick Smith
  12. Senator Steve Cottrell

The following showed up later dressed out but didn’t participate with us:

  1. John Duff
  2. Ryan Truster

Civilians in attendance:

  1. Misses Carolyn Carver
  2. Mister Nicholas DuBerry
  3. Miss Ana Gonzalez
  4. Miss Sara Gonzalez
  5. Misses Randi Martineau
  6. Musician Ian Ezell
  7. Misses Rachel Martineau

Dear Major Sam Looney,

It is my pleasure to inform you that with my own eyes I have witnessed that the rightfully elected Missouri State Legislature has removed all ties from the United States of America and has asked permission to join the government of our Southern sister states in the Confederate States of America. It was a grand spectacle to behold.

The 4th Missouri was asked to stand guard at this illustrious event. We proudly did so. The Missouri Legislature gave praise to the Missouri State Guard and all her victories this past year. Governor Jackson and General Sterling Price both gave high praise to our men and their contribution to our cause of independence and force out the invaders of our noble state from the north lands.

May God Bless our beloved state of Missouri!

Your obedient servant,

Daniel Keith, Commanding

Company E

4th Missouri Infantry Regiment

7th Division, Missouri State Guard


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